Re: Min V1 pipe options?

Wish it had come on mine. haha.

Re: Min V1 pipe options?

Perfekt Timing Angel /


I thought the Minarelli HC heads had angled spark plug holes??

I'm not knocking it all, if it works, it works. I've just never seen one like that. Did it come from South America?

Good choice with the Mamba and the modified silencer ;)

Re: Min V1 pipe options?

I actually saw one on a 1984 General 5 Star the other day.. I am thinking they came on the later mopeds no?

I think all my hopes rest with Ed...

Re: Min V1 pipe options?


I was told that these heads had higher compression than the small heads. I'm not positive? I guess they came on newer peds as stated below. My bike is a 1980 but my friend has a 78 with the same head. They are both Fantics so mabye that has something to do with it?


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