puch circuit restriction.

i just got a circuit and i heard it is restricted. do you think it would be cheaper to send it down to the muffler shop and show them where it is or ship it to sumone on here that knows what they are doing. i cant to it cause i dont have a welder.

Re: puch circuit restriction.

if you know where the restriction is, than you can send it to me, I'll do it for 20 bucks or some sweet parts, yup

Re: puch circuit restriction.

well all i got is a stock puch maxi exhaust and stock puch handle bars. let me check with the muffler shop and ill post or email you.

Re: puch circuit restriction.

I've read about the circuit, but my question is whether the circuit is the only tecno pipe with a restrictor? Does the hunter have one too?

Check the wiki. you should be able to ret around welding if you have a creative mind.

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