CDI on my Garelli

i have been looking around for CDI units as an option to fix my flawed electrical system on my 77 SSXL. no luck as of yet. i searched through a bunch of the old threads and couldnt find anything with a manufacturer name or a model number or anything. anyone know of a unit that will work for me?

Re: CDI on my Garelli

From what I hear, you can use Avanti CDI stuff, you may need to have the avanti magneto as well. I'm getting ready to install it on mine after Brodeo.

Re: CDI on my Garelli

which engine do you have? VIP or NOI?

Re: CDI on my Garelli

Oh crap, I forgot to take that into consideration. The VIP mageneto is 120mm, HUGE. Check out minarelli V1 CDI, double check CEV magnetos, they came with an 80mm and a 90 something. I hear you can put the CDI in 180 degrees around and it should work.

Maybe someday I'll buy it for my SSXL and mangle it onto the bike.

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