tecno bullet vs biturbo

I know these are both cheap ass pipes but is the tecno better or worse than than the biturbo.

Re: tecno bullet vs biturbo

the techno is slightly better built than the biturbo. as far as performance it depends on which biturbo, there are a couple kinds and only one kind of tecno bullet.

the biturbo has a decent expansion chamber but can have a small header and they all have crap silencers. if you have a large header biturbo it will provide more speed but will rattle apart eventually.

for the same ammount of money there are better pipes out there.

Re: tecno bullet vs biturbo

p.s. moved to performance tuning.

Re: tecno bullet vs biturbo


Re: tecno bullet vs biturbo

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

Tecno. Most biturbo headers suck really bad. The bullet has a huge header.

Re: tecno bullet vs biturbo

well I order the tecno from treats! is was only 66 bucks and I'm strapped for cash and have got to get this magnum UNSTOCK!

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