fine tuning the carb

I got a question im new to this, i have put on a 22 tooth

sprocket,biturbo pipe,and uni pod filter,and a 64 jet on my a55 tomos st, the top end is awsome but when i take off and give it a 1/4 throttle it wants to stall, and also my shop told me to adj the oiler screw 2 turns out i have looked everywhere cant find the adjustment screw please help, any advise helps.

Re: fine tuning the carb

i just put the same setup on my 08 st except i replaced the stock main jet(55) with a 58, not a 64 as you have. also i am still running the stock rear sprocket. I would be interested to know if/where i could adjust the amount of oil the oil injector pumps...

how fast do you have your going by the way? mine was about 27 28 on flats and with the biturbo, uni filter and 58 jet i gained about 7 mph im guessing, the speedometer sucks on these things.... more torque it seems though.

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