gearing opinion

roadent$ craig /

im soon to rebuild my entire e50, port match and install a polini kit. what should i do about my gearing? i want best overall low and top speed. is it best to just keep it stock?

Re: gearing opinion

BootyClap Ninja /

With the polini kit.

You should get a three shoe clutch to be able to tune your low end.

then gear for higher speed.

Re: gearing opinion

Polini kit has enough low and topend, you need to tune the gearing so that the top is not too high (trust me, it's possible) but not too light as well, as the polini is very seize-sensitive.

I'd say 16-42. Does an easy 50+, still great low-end, but greatly enhances lifetime. Stock gearing, I won't even try it on a polini

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