Setting your needle vs jetting

Hey guys.

I know the idea behind jetting. Makes perfect sense. But how do you know when its time to adjust your needle, instead of your jetting?

What sort of performance issues arise from botched needle setting?

Re: Setting your needle vs jetting

I assume you're speaking about a bing... The needle setting provides four more precise settings between jet sizes. Specifically, the farther down the needle is set, the more its tapered end blocks the passage to the bowl and less fuel is delivered. The main difference I notice with needle settings in better/worse throttle response. It can make a pretty big difference.

Re: Setting your needle vs jetting

lean areas or rich areas from about 1/4 throttle to about 3/4 throttle.

example 1) at half throttle, there is a spot that makes you go really fast until you give a little more throttle and then the speed eases back down. lean spot.

example 2) at 3/4 throttle your bike sputters and slows down a bit like its kinda choking but if you back off the throttle a touch the sound smotthes back out and you go faster. rich spot.

there are other symptoms, but those are some pretty common ones. in example one, i'd richen the needle one clip setting and in example 2 i'd lean it out one clip setting and test your results.

Re: Setting your needle vs jetting

Nice, thank you. I'll be raising my needle when I get home.

Re: Setting your needle vs jetting

some cool info


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