16mm carb to big for 50cc?

is it?

have a 16mm i got for when i throw an airsal kit on it.

put on just the carb today and is runnig silly.

i think the slide is sticking a bit

and the throttle responce is really slow.

i think i am about 2 jets too high. (going to fix that later today i think)

Re: 16mm carb to big for 50cc?

nah , ur just jetted wrong

Re: 16mm carb to big for 50cc?

a 16 will run great on 50cc.

Re: 16mm carb to big for 50cc?

could my undrilled intake (dia. of 14mm) have anything to do with anything goofy?

may sounds retared but it is way better to ask before i give up on it....

is it possible for my slide to be a little sticky?

Re: 16mm carb to big for 50cc?

the intake will restrict your setup for sure, enough to where you won't notice any real gains from that carb. Bore it out or put a better intake on there. Is your pipe restricted?

as for the slide why don't you take the air filter off and look to see how the slide is traveling- that is an easy one.

are you 4 stroking at top speed? what are you plug chops like? Carb cleaner air leak tests? Try running without the air filter and just the box.

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