Mich Gazelles

Gunther McCilicutty /

Just got my new Michilen Gazelles and they are friggin sweet. I got them to replace the 30 year old Semperits that are on it now...thank friggin God I have not died riding on cracked rubber.

2 questions-

-the tires have directional arrows on them, however one says front tire other says rear tire and the arrows go different ways, therfor the tread would be opposite from front to back..is this right or do you guys run these things with the tread going the same way?

-What are these speed rated for?

Re: Mich Gazelles

I suggest following the marks, I can't say why with any authority. But I highly suggest you leave them in the back of a hatch back in the sun for a while before you install them, it makes it much easier when they are nice and warm

Re: Mich Gazelles

directional tires face opposite on a moped because:

your rear tire needs to grip best in the direction opposite your movement, it's pushing backwards which moves you forwards.

your front tire needs to grip best in the direction of your movement, to help slow you down, and to help handle better.

quarterkick.com lists Gazelles as being rated for speeds up to 82

Re: Mich Gazelles

Gunther McCilicutty /

Thanks...I live in North Carolina so it will be no problem getting the tires to warm up outside...its supposed to be 94 degrees this weekend and humid.

I have also heard that the Gazelles will not fit the front fender of my Maxi...I may just take it off. I like that look anyway.

Re: Mich Gazelles

Mike McScoutington /

It is important to fallow the directional arrows. You front tire tread is set up to throw water to the side and the rear tire is set to spread out and grab the road more.

Re: Mich Gazelles

You can grind out the fender..but it's a royal pain in the ass!

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