kreidler mp9

hey moped army

i had a good ride the other day on my 78 mp9(yellow)

then the exhaust bracket broke and my moped got really loud

and gained abouot 8 miles per hour on the straight

yes the entire pipe fell off,i picked it up and ran it for a while sounding like a harley on steroids

so now i know i need a better exhaust system

more flow..more go!!

so anyone have any ideas for me...

the pipe that was on the bike is the black kreidler pipe with chrome tip,but this pipe has the upward turn at the end

my friends mp9-green-has the straight kreidler black pipe

i was thinking about getting a straight pipe from my local ped shop who has one for sale to see what the difference is


i was gonna try a dirtbike exhaust from a 100cc bike

give me some ideas,im open to anything that makes this ped go like it did with the pipe off

except it was so loud i almost puked after riding it for a 1/2


see ya gang!(see attached photo) running the bent exhaust still but i turned it upside down so the tip is facing down,seems to be a wee bit better than before..jay


Re: kreidler mp9

Re: kreidler mp9

thanks again laura...jay

Re: kreidler mp9

Jay, I am glad to see that you are riding a Kreidler MP9. My favorite moped of all time. There are many things you can do to get some stock modified performance out of that motor.

I took my stock header and welded a Puch expansion exhaust on it and got about 7mph out of it with no bottom end trade off. If you are not a welder, good brackets and rubber heater hose clamped to either end will work as well. I reccomend getting a decent exhaust for it.

The stock intake is a little hard to work with, but it can be polished to a larger bore and you can try a slightly larger carb. Send a picture of your yellow guy if you don't mind. Kreidler is awesome!

Re: kreidler mp9

see my attached photo and yes im working on getting a exhaust for it,not sure what type yet,see what i can find

and also laura your proabably running with your air box on

if you dont mind a dirty back tire and rim youll get way faster

with no air box...what do you think jester?about riding with no air filter box?,,peace


picture is in my first post in this topic/thread/etc...

Re: kreidler mp9

nope, I currently have no air filter on it, not even a piece of panty hose. It also doesn't rev nearly as high as Mikey's bike, it's just been beaten to hell. got it from a harley guy who apparently thought it was a dirt bike. I have a couple more I'm working on and trying to get them running (bought them in non-running condition) so hopefully those will be in better condition, but my bike gets me around. :)

Re: kreidler mp9

I am running a 14 14 delorto on mine on a custom intake. I run a forward intake airbox with no side panels.

Re: kreidler mp9

Damn those are two sweet looking Peds. If you ever decide to sell one, drop me an e-mail. I am interested.

Re: kreidler mp9

Damn those are two sweet looking Peds. If you ever decide to sell one, drop me an e-mail. I am interested.

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