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can someone lay it down as to what the difference is between these models? Can I build up a av10 and bolt it on a 1980 v50 moby? what kinda power gains would I be looking at? What kinda costs? thanks

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av7=american model. av10=european model. the main difference is that the av7 is regular old piston port, while the av10 is case inducted w/ reed valves.

right now you could build a crazy fuck av10 with the shit at treatsHQ alone. gotta have deep pockets though (not that his prices arent good). if you were to build an av10 from scratch solely using the stuff from his shop... youre looking at roughly $1000 to get started.

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Av10 > Av7......

.....unless you have a 70cc Parmakit!

No really...in almost every way the Av10 case inducted reed engine kicks the shit outta an Av7.

My next build will do this.

Re: v7 vs av10

💀Kim Jong illest💀 /

parma woot!

av7 for the stars and bars say what!

Re: v7 vs av10

av7=american model. av10=european model.

Not to be nit-picking this but this bit if misinformation is enough. The av10 came around after Motobecane was bought out by Yamaha and transformed into MBK in the early 80's. Before that the av7 was THE motor that came on all the more recent motobecanes but MBK wanted to get into racing so they copied the design of the 103's motor and came up with the av10.

av10 builds are VERY expensive, if not the MOST expensive moped motor to kit. You are going to loose a significant amount of reliability by switching over to high performance racing parts. At the same time you are going to gain insane acceleration and a great top speed.

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Wait, how can that be true? Yamaha bought Motobecane in 1984. Motobecane have been equipping there mopeds with AV10 engines before that date (as early as 1979). Beside people refer to the AV7 as the American model, cause the AV10 was never available in the US, no matter what moniker it was under. I thought that the AV7 was just a renamed AV88.

In my experience, major breakdowns usually occur when you try and upgrade your top end without lining up the additional performance pieces that are designed to handle all the extra horsepower that your bike is putting out..

For example a Doppler crank is designed to withstand the higher horsepower and higher RPM. So a stock crank will not hold up when matched to a 70cc kit.

The strength of the cam that is attached to the after market magneto, is far superior to the pot metal cam in a stock system.

A lot of people believe you can just buy an AV10 case and your good to go, without realizing that the bottom bracket that is attached to the lower part of the engine is different.

A reed valve engine is more efficient period.

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my bad. always figured since the av10 was never availabe in the states it was the european model.

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In the early eighties a depression hit France, and other parts of Europe, and the exchange rate made it impossible to make any money by exporting to the US. So they redesigned their flagship model to be more sporty and competitive in the euro market.

So, the AV10 really is the Euro engine.

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"For example a Doppler crank is designed to withstand the higher horsepower and higher RPM. So a stock crank will not hold up when matched to a 70cc kit."

hell naw if u keep it balanced and keep the bearings fresh the stock crank runs great and will hold the power, but yeah i see ur point. i had the stock one in mine for a long time no issue once i rebuilt and balanced the variator out

even the stock pulley will break down and the motor mounts will be destroyed in less than a year. lol.

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More like a month...LOL.

So did they even make the AV7 in Europe, or was it just another name for AV88 for the American market?

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no way the whole time my av10 was running it was with an av7 stock crank dude, think about it, it lasted!

i used to snap em when i ran 2 ball variators. off balanced w the 3 ball plate.

Re: v7 vs av10

they had bikes in europe with the AV7. the 40's did, and the 7's, and some old school 50vs.

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