A35 on a batavus hs50

Anyone think a tomos a35 would mount up on a batavus HS50 toptank?

I looked at it all night and it looks like it should do it.




Re: A35 on a batavus hs50

Some measurements to be wary of:

1.Crown Height

2.Stud pattern

3.Spigot diameter

You will also need to blank off the A35's reed intake, or blank off the HS-50's case induction and replumb the carb system completely.

Why the desire to fit the A35?

Re: A35 on a batavus hs50

Actually i have a couple of reasons.

First the Batavus i'm picking up is apart,

and secondly i searched the site and found little to performance tune the batavus HS50.

Having said that, i would love to stick a lifan on it, but the frame would be in the way of the carb. so i thought maybe a tomos a35 might fit better and you can be performance parts for it.

Basically i want to build a "little" motorcycle with loads of power.

Re: A35 on a batavus hs50

sweet, do it

Re: A35 on a batavus hs50

e50 works like a gem on a HS50. I think there is a post some where on here on how to make it work. Fits like an engine sandwich, yum. Once my friend's got put together it hasn't given him any major problems. But you have to switch out the 50 tooth in the rear before you kit it if that is up your alley.

Re: A35 on a batavus hs50

talk to the guys at motionleft, they're the Batavus/Puchavus gurus.

Re: A35 on a batavus hs50

I thought about the e50 but i didn't think it wouldgive enough clearance in the front (this is just by eyeballing it. my bad i guess.

I still want to do a Honda clone engine, and i might go that way with a 3 speed semi automatic. but i would need to cut the frame and reweld i think. thoughts?

As an off topic, when i found the Batavus for sale i called up seller. She said a person was already going to take a look at it. I said ok, but tell them you decided to keep it and that i'll buy it outright. She said yes ... :D.

Re: A35 on a batavus hs50

no mention of the buffalo boys batapuch yet? no it doesnt fit in the hs50. you have to change the engine mounts

Re: A35 on a batavus hs50

Mitchell Delaney /

Not to be obnoxious and resurrect a 5 year old post, but did you ever end up doing this? I'm planning on doing the same to my batavus step through with an a35, what kind of issues did u run into or was a good fit?

Re: A35 on a batavus hs50

♣Slew Foot♣ /

i can make that M48 run 30-35 mph with nothing more than a file and screwdriver. a batavus doesn't lend itself to engine swapping easily,

a pug or moby would be a closer match and you can variate it by replacing the slide mounts with nylon spacers and locknuts on the engine mount and a spring where the belt tensioner adjustment bolt goes.

add a doppler and av7 and variate....

Re: A35 on a batavus hs50

Dirty30 Dillon /

Well, the m48 in question is a 25mph version, with a stuck clutch...

And we have the a35 and will make it work, haha.

Having yet to drop the subframe off the VA, I can't be certain. But I think a bolt on a35 would be easier then trying to swing-mount an av7/103 motor.

We shall see. Hopefully begin disassembly of the Bat this weekend.

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