Doppler ER1 pipe

Just picked up a doppler pipe, and have a question about the ball/socket joint. One end of it screws into the cylinder and at the other end its closed off except about a 3/8" hole in the cylinder. Doesn't seem right, seems like an awful small to shove all that exhaust through. Enlighten me.

Re: Doppler ER1 pipe

its been covered a few times, you can search it. but... its restricted. there is a washer tack welded into the ball joint. take it out. its easy. i put a screwdriver through the center, turned it and popped it out.

Re: Doppler ER1 pipe

tap tap, out. in the trash.

Re: Doppler ER1 pipe

mine wasn't even welded, it was just pressed in. . . so silly

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