Oil ratio question w/Polini kit

(Casserollers) Gregory B. /

I have a Puch Magnum and Maxi, both kitted with high torque heads...

I've always used the oil filler cap on my Maxi to add oil, I've always used 50:1 ratio oil and used 4 caps to one gallon of gas...

Is this bad or something?

I mean, I've gone at least 1000+ miles on 'em so far with no problems (except for blown head gaskets, which was because of my old, warped head)... but I was reading a few threads and said that I should throw in some more oil.

Can someone help me out with my semi-easy question?


Re: Oil ratio question w/Polini kit

plug chops?

Re: Oil ratio question w/Polini kit

All depends how big the "cap" is. I also run a Polini and mix 3oz to 1 gallon. I think it's about 43:1. No problems at all.

Re: Oil ratio question w/Polini kit

(Casserollers) Gregory B. /

The stock gas cap filler on a Puch Maxi. I'm not sure how big the actual tube is... it'd be interesting to measure. I've always done it that way, but it recently fell down my tank so I've been going by the side markers on my 2-stroke bottle.

Thanks for the help.

Anyone with more info/comments, do so.

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