Calling all Garelli Masters!

Yesterday I saw an ad for a $100 RallySport. I went to check it out and it was in bad shape, not even worth a hundred except....

It had a complete 2-speed NOI engine.

So now I'm in the process of swapping my current engine, and I've got questions.

The 2-speed's cylinder looks like it's been seized, something got up through the exhaust port and scored the hell outta the jug. No biggie, I've got another engine, so let's just swap the cylinder off the old 1-speed...

ah shit. Looks like I have _two_ rare Garelli engines. My other engine is a single-speed NOI with the aluminum "Flat Top" style stamped CH-1.2

The wiki says that CH-1.2 doesn't fit with the other styles of cylinder. Before I go and do something stupid, does the flat top cylinder have a different stroke length or something that's going to mess me up if I just swap the whole deal and mount it on the other engine?

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Re: Calling all Garelli Masters!

it's just a kinda shitty jug. low power. it fits. it's just shitty.

Re: Calling all Garelli Masters!

that's too bad. I've always thought it was a sleek looking design.

Re: Calling all Garelli Masters!

talk to joeP, he has polini NOI kits for $175. so rad.

Re: Calling all Garelli Masters!

I know I've been eyeballing that thread for a week now, I reeeeally want it, but I just can't afford it right now. Plus if I did have the money, I'd probably buy a new pipe first.

Perhaps we could set up a dropcash for the "Make Nate's RallySport go really bitchin' fast in time for Brodeo" donation fund. I actually bought a guitar that way once. Set up a website with a paypal button, a dollar here and a dollar there, six months later I had a '72 Telecaster Thinline.

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