Kreidler mp-19

I am new to modifying. gotta start somewhere. Wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for my kreidler. I'm not looking for a TON of speed, i would like to go 40. Whats the fastest way to get there? What exhaust do you recommend? I saw something about using a rubber tube to cut and modify the intake....does this have any negative effects?

Not much on Kreidlers on here....I never did like anything easy.

If you know a friend with a modified Kreidler, give me contacts...anything...

Re: Kreidler mp-19

I was the guy who posted about the intake. I also got my buddy a puch proma circuit exhaust. They're cheap, and you can weld your current header right onto the new exhaust. A pipe will do a whole lot for you right away. email me for pics.

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You think I will need to upjet just from changing the pipe? I'm obviously having trouble finding ANY parts for this damn thing....anyone know anything about drilling or boring the jet?

Re: Kreidler mp-19

get a Puch or a Moby...easy to find parts for and you will do more riding than searching for parts.

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You can get a tomos two peice bi-turbo and weld the original header to the new baffle. I'm not sure if you need to up jet or what not since mine was having flooding problems due to a worn out engine (previous owner ran it into the ground) and had to down jet. The jets are just regular bing jets like from Treats or 1977mopeds. Since the carb is a bing you can probably get a bigger one easily just make sure to get the right model. I know of a guy who just put the pipe on and upjetted and his bike goes 37 then someone else did the same thing but added a 17mm carb and their bike is in the 40's. There isn't a whole lot of options but you can make your bike reasonable peppy and the get up and go is awesome. My bike tops out at about 30 but like I said, it's been beaten to hell and back.


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ahh this was helpful, thanks!

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Don't give up on the Kreidler, I have the same one, and yeah its tough but I love it

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thanks laura

and yes the kreidler moped is the mercedes benz of mopeds

i love the kreidler mp 9 that i have

ill be happy doing 32-35 and i know now that its only getting held back by its stock exhaust and stock air filter

i cant believe it only has a 12 mm carb(stock)

so im looking into getting a bigger carb someday too

thanks for your help and get into the kreidler krouch!!

downhill masters....

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I am the buddy Martin was talking about. My kreidler is tank and fast all at the same time. Do not give up on it. It is a great moped.

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if I take my 1981 Keidler MP-19 and add a 14mm carb and better exhaust....

will it be a noticable improvement?

Always running with 2 people on it....

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Hey man- I just replaced my carb today, you can have my 14 mm bing, and jets, for a small $. Let me know. I am going to try to be there thursday.

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somebody has a Flory in a barn, ready for me to take away. im really hoping the engine isnt seized because it seems like it would be a fun bike to try to mod. plus they seem to be pretty fast bikes, i was gonna buy one from some dude recently (until he told me he wanted $700), but he knew his shit, and claimed the Florys go about 35 stock anyway...

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Mine goes 38 with 2 people on 100LL AV GAS.

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So I just bought an MP-19 today. Was missing a petcock and fuel line and the cable for the back brake is fucked up, but other than that it seems pretty clean. It has good spark and compression seems strong. Can't wait to hopefully get her going tomorrow after I buy some line and rig something for a valve. We'll see...

Before this I was learning all about my wonderful Hobbit. Now I get to learn all about my Kreidler! Yay!!!

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i really need a main jousing gasket so I can change my main bearings.

I looked at every Kreidler site.

I am blind from translating.

It's number 80 on the moped disassembly diagram in the manual.

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Talked to John Bos kreidler in Holland this a.m.

He said he should have one, gonna look tomorrow, might have bearings ,too.

I need the BO 15 bearings, 2 of them.

He said tomos might be the same.

If John Bos Kreidler does not have them, said he will make me one.

I asked if he had a clutch puller and reinstallation tool also.

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I built a clutch puller a while back for mine.

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I just wanted the install tool also and made one, a puller, from a MS Paint drawing I saw here.

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If anyone is looking for parts for a Kreidler, email these guys:


They have absolutely everything! I just ordered the clutch puller and installer tools, a full engine gasket set, and new oil seals. It's a little pricy, but they were really nice and quick about it.

Now, I have a question, did the Flory mopeds come with 2 different sized headers? I only ask because my header has two flanges on either end and I think it might be very restrictive. Like the sachs "small" header. Let me know, thanks!

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I just bought an mp-19 yesterday. I'm very excited and this thread should prove awfully useful. I'm open to any ideas. Thanks everyone!

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If you are close to I-91 in CT at the Mass border, there is a shop called Marks Motorsports about a block into CT on RT.5 from the State line.

He has kreidler stuff, like switches and all the crap.

Does your tranny shake? at the shift point going up a hill?

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