Airsal Kit Question

if i have just a biturbo, would it be a good idea to put a unipod, a 27 front sprocket/22 back sprocket (i weigh 120lbs), and the airsal 65cc kit (uses stock intake,carb,oil injection) ???

Re: Airsal Kit Question

that gearing will give you speed...and putting on the airsal kit i woudl suggest a few things.. a) new carb - upgrade to at least a 15.15 or 16.16 SHA. The unipod for those is a good cheap high flow air filter. Rip out the oil injection and premix your you can regulate the mix (run it rich for break in etc.)

as far as the intake, there are several possibilities. I suggest going with something bigger...finding a Daelim intake...or fabbing something.

feel free to email me. I have all of the parts you need for cheaper than most places. hope this helps.

Re: Airsal Kit Question

i just noticed that you are in Fairfax. I grew up in Fairfax City...parents still live there...I still for the life of me can't figure out why the Northern VA people aren't more organized mopedwise...

Re: Airsal Kit Question

hey i have some airsal questions too. i put the kit on today but i only have the stock intake and carb. also my carb doesnt have a airbox/filter so what should i get. what jet should i be running?

Re: Airsal Kit Question

same thing joep said to the first guy. Recommend a few upgrades. look for a comparable setup on the spreadsheet and go from there, Even two bikes with the same setup may need different jets, you just need to find it by trial.

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