polini = the need for new crank?

someone mentioned to me that my crank has brass fittings on it, and if throught a polini on it, i should upgrade my crank?

its a polini 64 going on an e50 with a proma gp

Re: polini = the need for new crank?

people run polini kits with the stock cranks all the time. you might just have to replace that bushing sooner.

Re: polini = the need for new crank?

Стев Браун /

With perf cranks(aside from stuffers), roller bearing and a fresh piece is really all you're getting.

Low mileage, non beat-ass stock cranks will hold up to some kittage, and you can press a roller bearing in there.

If your crank is gnarly, then by all means get something aftermarket. If not, there's no need to spend 100+ just to lengthen the mod list.

Re: polini = the need for new crank?

well i got my bike with about 1600 milles on it, it was totally stock and did 25mph when i got it

Re: polini = the need for new crank?

A Polini should not be installed without adding the upper transfer ports. To add the ports, you need to split your case. When you have the case split you should replace your bearings and seals. Since you have to pull the bearings and seals, you can either go two routes.

1. Replace bearings and seals on the stock crank


2. Install new bearings and seals on a new crank and just swap in

I've run a polini with a bushing crank and a performance crank. I prefer the performance crank. With a 15bing, you should be fine as long as there is no play in the bushing.

Re: polini = the need for new crank?

i run a stock crank, that was in amazing shape when it was installed almost NOS.

aftermarket cranks are jut new cranks not better cranks most of the time. yeah u get a roller bearing too i guess, its ur call.

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