Have Puch Maxi, have almost complete 1996(?) Korado with 50 psi compression- I could put rings in it but I would prefer at the moment to upgrade the Puch using the CDI from the Korado. Is it just a matter of transferring everything over and wiring it or are there other adjustments required,( timing comes to mind)? Then, can I put the breaker points from the Puch INTO the Korado as well so it can be a backup machine once the rings are done? How do you pull the CDI- main nut, and then the phillips screws on the plate? Do you need a puller? and, finally, how much of the Korado is easily transferable to the Puch? I understand that the gears are cut backwards (see mopedwiki "Korado engine guide") but I don't get what are the implications of that.

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