Malossi 103 kits

Does anyone have any input, or has run the 2 kits that treats has ?

Malossi GR1 with 2 rings and big exhaust port


Malossi Vintage with 1 ring and Polygon shape

I have not messed with the 103 before, and am looking for pro and cons of each kit to decide where to begin


West Seattle

Re: Malossi 103 kits

dear ryan from west seattle:

Any kitted peugeot will rule. the 2 ring kit is a better idea in my opinion. More compression. More reliability. the "less friction" one ring trade off seems like crap in comparison.

the polini 70 is completely insane. 1 ring. fast. fast fast. do it.

see you at the rally of the beast.

Re: Malossi 103 kits

they will all shred hard.

The weakest part of any peugeot build is the stock cases, not much room for port matching on the larger kits.

I liked my polini W port that i had last year, i loved the broad powerband of a wide exhaust port.

Re: Malossi 103 kits

Well, they're both 50cc kits. Why not go for the cast iron 70cc kit?

The GR1 is likely going to be better than the vintage kit, but GR1 was the lowest level race class. Might not mean anything though.

Re: Malossi 103 kits

The w port in the polini exhaust is completely what sold me on the kit.

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