anyone ever ported a moby airsal?

so, my kit is on my av7 and all broken in. josh was right though, it kind of sucks dingle shafts. not as bad as i was expecting, but not as good as i was hoping. so.. time to do some port work.

has anyone ever done it? if you have, let me know what worked for you. other wise, i'll just do what i did with my stock cylinder and go a little bit at a time until i get what i want. kind of like that game "do you trust me", but with a cylinder. so probably no sex afterwards.

cool, time to bust out the files.

Re: anyone ever ported a moby airsal?

porting a kit with files will take 20 years.

Re: anyone ever ported a moby airsal?

i ported my stock cylinder with files and it took far less than 20 years. i dont mind it taking longer, i just dont want to run the risk of the dremel slipping and fucking something up. my hands arent as steady these days.

Re: anyone ever ported a moby airsal?

I use files over half the time. slow and steady wins the race, until you speed up the stock cylinder. Then that wins the race!

Lame joke...


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