I want more speed

Right now on my puch, I am getting 40-45 mph. Flat out, no wind, perfectly level, I'm just hitting 42. I want to get it up to the 50 range for cruising.

My current setup:

Athena 70cc reed kit

19mm phbg

50cc HC head

leovince pipe

case ported to kit

18x??(stock) gearing

What can I do without changing the kit that would squeeze a few more mph without sacrificing too much more bottom end?

Re: I want more speed

get rid of that leovince pipe. They are notorious for keeping top speed limited.

estoril, boss, 6p, whatever just not a leovince. sell it to a minarelli v1 owner or trade for something better.

Re: I want more speed

What Vic said. Don't get the 6p tho. It'll kill your low end.

Re: I want more speed

advance your timing

Re: I want more speed

Which of those pipes fit well without having to remove the centerstand or pedals?

Re: I want more speed

actually mine was a question it was should of have a ? at the end but it was late and i usually miss punctuation any ways

Re: I want more speed

I have experimented with the advance settings and have it at the point that gets the best top speed, with a little decrease in acceleration. It's not fully advanced, but about 2/3-3/4 full in the adjustment on the stator plate. Setting it full advance ended up with a bit better acceleration, but a couple mph drop on the top end.

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