kreidler mp9

we have been running our stock mp-9's (we have 2)

with no air cleaner and without the stock baffle in the tip.

what else can we do to get a faster straightaway speed

it goes to 25 and youo can tell it is telling itself to stop

then after 26-28 it opens up without hesitation

after it hits 32 i can hold that speed on a straight as long as there is no inclines,as soon as yoou hit a hill its back to 25

but it still has good power so im not sure but we love to rip these machines through our town

thanks for any tips...



Re: kreidler mp9

weld up a performance exhaust yet?

Re: kreidler mp9

not yet,what do you suggest a bi turbo?? or what?

can we just modify them to fit our stock header pipe?

iposted pics in this post if you didnt know,thanks


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