My Stock Peugeot, What mods can i add?

i'd like to start by saying i have done a few searches, but maybe not enough since i cannot find anything on the Peugeot 102 sp.

i recently just purchased it. it runs great, i just want more power out of it. everything in the market right now is for the Peugeot 103 sp. would they be interchangable? i am new to mopeds.

where does everyone buy parts from?

Re: My Stock Peugeot, What mods can i add?

well u can put a bigger carb on there (this only helps your low end) but it might not exactly bolt on. weld on a performance exhaust (this gives u 5-10 mph on top). mill your head or cylinder (this should give u a lot more torque)

{disclaimer} i don't know much about this bike but i have never heard any thing about performance parts except people looking for them.

Re: My Stock Peugeot, What mods can i add?

***Kim Jong illest*** /

the 102 is piston ported, the 103 is reed inducted. so not many parts interchange. like zeke said, your going to have to modify your basics to get more power. i.e. porting, custom exhaust, head milling, blah blah blah...

its too bad, 102's are pretty cool looking i think. even prettier than the 103's

Re: My Stock Peugeot, What mods can i add?

A dellorto 14.12 fits on there nicely and is way better than a gurtner, also with a little cutting and welding you could easily gut a biturbo or other pipe to fit on there.

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