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I wondered about the difference in price and style of EBR forks for Puch on the web, so I email EBR with the question. Here's what showed up in my mailbox today...

"she should have climb on the model original PUCH that on the market it is

all chromed:

F035200 forks puch maxi original chrom

there are then two versions long and short:

F035250 forks puch maxi 445 short

F035275 forks puch maxi 540 long

in last we have two versions racing:

F035000426 forks puch maxi upside down d.35

F035002526 forks puch maxi upside down d. 40 competitions"

"we hope for to have been of help cordili you greet"


Risi Maurizio

In the first five words I wondered if I'd accidentally opened some porn spam. I thought this company was in Canada. I guess it's Italy. Pretty funny results when someone uses babelfish to respond to an email.

Anyway, what are the current options for improving on the stock Puch forks that you guys are aware of?

Re: Puch Forks

get those upside down .40d. those are the big inverted forks. then from the front you can look like you are riding a CBR. but with a puch maxi on the back!

Re: Puch Forks

Yeah plus they are awesome all around.

Re: Puch Forks

I typed in that part # in Google and it took me to a Danish site. It says those forks are $1,098.00!

Of course, this oil filler screw at $20 is a bargain!

"Puch Oil Filling":http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=da&u=http://www.scooter-dele.dk/piz.asp%3FID%3D3753%26aid%3D16888&sa=X&oi=translate&resnum=1&ct=result&prev=/search%3Fq%3DF035002526%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG

Re: Puch Forks


Seriously tho... there seems to be a range of 100 to 300 dollars for the ebr puch forks, but very little description of them online. Can you get a cast brace, hydraulic fork for Puch for around 100 bucks?

Re: Puch Forks

no. the cheapest hydraulic ebrs are around 200 im pretty sure. for 100 all you are going to get is springs.

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Honda MB forks with EBR T-section for use with Puch wheel or Honda MB forks with Honda T-section for use with Honda wheel.

Best option there is. Great forks, and over here they are massively available for normal prices.

There's always the option to get some forks from a small motorcycle and make those work. Most will fit with very little modification.

Re: Puch Forks

Treats has these for a Tomos for $145

I paid $105 for my Puch EBR's


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