speed an brakes please

here is the recent pic of my bike next to the 63 nader corvair that is the new restore project in my yard.

ok so how do i fix my freaking brakes???? i have to start stoping a mile away.

an how do i get the throttle to give it some "go" i crank that sucker (slow or fast) an i can get it to 25 (go in the streets since the speed limit is 25) an 26 with a tail wind pushing me.

anyone from stratford or coastal ct come see me. i work at harley davidson. lets chat this up. im maryanne. ill be there the next 12 days in a row. 29/30th i will be off. come see me. help me fix it. pleaseeeeeee.

email me directly too at katshark1969@sbcglobal.net


speed an brakes please

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Re: speed an brakes please

sry dude thata how fast mopeds go.

sounds like its just in a bad state of repair and need an overhual/ rebuild. even little things like a new chain, repacked wheel bearings, cleaned up carb, clean elctrical will get u to 30mph.

the brakes are probably glazed over, you can take em out and try sanding the pads down, and the drums, you should also replace the cables.

my list for old bike to get them running new again:

new 4l320 belt (napa auto parts)

new 415 (122 link) chain

new brake cables and housings (bicycle ones)

new throttle cable and decomp if needed (at least lube them)

new petcock

new lights if burnt out (auto parts store/handybikes)

new b7hs plug (moto shop)

new plug cap and plug wire (moto shop)

somtimes new external condensor (auto parts store from chevy nova 60's)

rewire to lights and motor always on, disconnect the kill switch (decomp acts as kill)

new points if they are corroded (moped shop)

new tubes and tyres (sometimes)

clean the carb

clean out the gas tank

repack the wheel bearings if they are sluggish

replace the grips

remove the head gasket

re set the points

it should go 30-35 if you do all that and its a fast model moby from ur pic it looks like one.

if u want a bit more port it, there is info in the wiki about porting motobecanes.


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