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I haven't got mine yet, it should be here tomorrow. but i was reading on treats and it says you are supposed to break it in. what does he mean by that. and how long do i have to do it for. if i don't what will happen. give me some more info on breaking in a kit

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Search "breaking in kit" on this forum and in the wiki.


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its not mentioned in any break in procedures but u NEED to run WOT for a bit to test whether or not u have ur setup jetted correctly, do it on the stand 1st but again while riding.

plug chops at the throttle position the bike responds best to are NOT accurate plug chops, u need to run WOT to get an accurate plug chop for WOT.

If you want a plug chop for 1/2 run at 1/2 throttle etc.

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there are tons of posts on it and you can sit for hours grinding your teeth with the various theories.

get the kit and inspect it. rub your finger in the cylinder over the ports to make sure there are no burs. some people chamfer which means to lightly sand the edge of the ports to ensure smooth piston movement. my kit looked like it was already chamfered, you could see little buff marks in the ports.

case match for sure! read about it with the search!

use all the base gaskets it comes with!

lube everything with 2 stroke and mix your gas rich 40:1 or something with non-synthetic!

jetting sucks! from the spreadsheets to the threads, they vary from 80-100 with 15 bing and basic performance pipe, bullet, boss, etc.. wtf!! i think its around 94. after hours of searching and determining who was credible. Benji, Rafter and Harold like the big jets. better safe then sorry.

fire it up! and adjust idle. give it a couple of small revs, let idle and spray carb cleaner around intake to check for leaks. this should take a few minutes, then turn it off, let cool.

fire it up again and take it for a short spin to see how its running!

alright, you feel confident its not leaking and not excessively lean. do what elliot said, i like that tip!

get the jetting down with short test rides and plug checks. by now your shit is pretty much broke in. now ride it gently for a few tanks. 150 miles or so. that would be pretty much broken in. don't full throttle for more then a few seconds.

I'm just writing this to gain confidence in myself. i hope it helps.


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