morini tuning

I'm not one to use the search feature, so I'm wondering what sort of tuning people have done on thier Morini's. My engine is a low miles single speed. I'm wondering if anyone has modified Minarelli (or any other brand for that matter) parts for Morini?

Re: morini tuning

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Single speed...reed valve or piston ported?

Re: morini tuning

erin has a m1, piston port, with some kinda uber rare magical polini circuit pipe.

port it, deck the head, thats about all you can do. is your carb already 14:14? you could try bumping that up to 16mm, but i dunno if it would help much.

Re: morini tuning

Can't I machine something to put a bigger carb/pipe on it? I mean, it's a cool pipe, but the header about as big as the stock pipe.

I know that every day I ride, i loose about 2 mph. No good.

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