Metra 50cc and Athena 50cc thoughts?

So metra has a 50cc piston port kit i was contemplating hucking on the kinda stock magnum, and this would keep it pretty tame.

Its a slant port tho, and running a simo isnt exactly "tame"

Ya think i could get away with the stock magnum exhaust?

Also, what about the athena 50cc, any thoughts on that bad boy? I like it, but im almost tempted to think there is no point if im gonna have to run boysen reeds and all that shit im might as well do the 70cc athena.

Any insight to either of these guys is appreciated.

Re: Metra 50cc and Athena 50cc thoughts?

Benji got me a 50cc reed valve athena. It's still in transit, though, so I guess I should say he 'is getting' me a 50cc reed valve athena. For me, the point is to build a 50/50 bike, and still have it qualify as a moped in all states. As far as I know, Harold is the only other person who has run that kit in the states. You should email him about it.

As you have probably figured out, a 50cc kit isn't going to be as powerful or fast on a magnum because magnums are heavier, but it would still be cool to see what you could do. See if you can find any info on the 50cc metra on Babelfish, and a broad understanding of translation issues, as well as a basic understanding of moped dutch will help.

I question the use of a simo on a 50cc kit. I've always felt that the volume of mixture and exhaust being moved by a larger displacement kit was best handled by pipes designed to deal with that sort of volume, like the simonini. However, I'm not sure how the simonini would do with the significantly smaller amount of exhaust being expelled by a 50cc kit. Perhaps it doesn't matter, and the effects of the sound/pressure waves will overpower the effects of the volume difference. I don't know, it's worth thinking about.

If I were you, I'd get the metra, if for no other reason than to provide information to the U.S. moped community on a kit we haven't heard/don't know anything about.

Re: Metra 50cc and Athena 50cc thoughts?

Used a Simo on an unported Korado cylinder, propelled my Pinto to 47 GPS, stock carb/gearing, etc. A 50cc with large enough ports can support it. I wouldn't suggest it on a 50cc TCCD, but on the Athena reedvalve, who knows.

Re: Metra 50cc and Athena 50cc thoughts?

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

50cc kits usually rev HIGHER to make up for the lack of displacement.

so a simo pipe might work great. no low end for ya tho

Re: Metra 50cc and Athena 50cc thoughts?

The only fast 50cc puch kit we've had in the states that I've heard about is the 50cc TCCD. So what pipes have people had good success with on those kits?

Re: Metra 50cc and Athena 50cc thoughts?

Larger pipes work good with 50cc. They will be effective in the high end. To get the pipe functioning at a slowerspeed you can keep your sprocket ratio geared for low end--but the pipe may take far into the high end. A mixture ratio will need to be maintained over a broad rpm range so you might want to use a smaller PHBG. Some of these guys just tune their clutches to engage at higher RPM and that makes getting the mixture right over the RPM range easier

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