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i read a few of the older topics i could find...mostly about 50cc.nl, but didn't really answer my questions, so figured I would start a new post.

I emailed a few shops in the netherlands and germany today...after translating everything to the appropriate language. haven't heard back yet. was told on a foreign moped forum that one of the shops won't be of any help to me. i'm wondering if anyone has ordered from shops other than 50cc.nl and how the experience went. i'm looking to get one of the cheaper 65 or 70cc cylinders...either airsal or k-star. i had an order with kpodj for an airsal, but they just canceled the order because shipment got delayed for 14 days and they don't like to hold orders for that long. i have to get some other parts too, so figured i would look at the overseas shops. i'm wondering what shipping costs have been for people...and also with the weak dollar if its even worth doing the overseas order at this point. after currency conversion and shipping costs, might it be worth it just to order a 60cc athena from treats or someone in america? wish i had 200+ bucks to drop on a kit from treats...but gotta work with what i've got.

Re: ordering from overseas

I would go wit h1977mopeds.com they have ok prices and there customer service is the cat's ass

Re: ordering from overseas

not an option moonshiner.

bump for talking about foreigners!

Re: ordering from overseas

you dont order from overseas to save money. between the weak dollar and shipping, youre going to pay more for one of those than one of the sweet kits from a US shop.

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u only order from overseas if they got something that isn't in the U.S. it will be more expensive cuz the shops go to the same place where ever they are from so the ones in the u.s get a crate full of junk for 200 bucks shipping u will get your single part for 50 bucks shipping.

Re: ordering from overseas

Yup you will save money and time by ordering from shops inside the US.

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