E50 vibrating my jaw loose.

My maxis frame is welded up about 4-5 times, exhaust had to be re welded close to dozen times, thing vibrates like no other, is it due to my stock crank, or unbalanced 3 shoe clutch, how about the flywheel? Im getting the dmp crank soon, but damn its crazy how much it vibrates, anyone had a e50 vibrate as much as mine does, i do have polinin kit on it, and reach 9000 rpm on daily basis.....

Re: E50 vibrating my jaw loose.

re lock tite the three main mount bolts you shouldn't have to ride through that

Re: E50 vibrating my jaw loose.

Them three bolts are nice and tight, its just that thing vibrates whole moped.

Re: E50 vibrating my jaw loose.

wheels tight? and rubber mounts for things are nice cuz mopeds,and single cylinder things vibration

Re: E50 vibrating my jaw loose.

If it really has that much vibration most likely your crank pin has slippped in one of the crank cheeks... fairly common in motorcycle pressed cranks.. but not so common on peds. The only other things to check are your flywheel for broke/missing sections or possibly your clutch for the same.

Are you sure the vibration is excessive?

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