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can someone tell me what rpms a stock PA50II engine generally hits a WOT?

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It is in the Service Manual (kinda)

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I was wondering too: how does the addition of performance parts change these factors? Has somebody Dyna'd their pa50II?

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okay. can someone help me out with this manual info? i found that in mine too, but i honestly have no idea how to figure this out. whos an engineer here?

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Raymond Rexroad /

Well if the motor is spinning at about 5500 RPM at 45 KPH (28 MPH), then . . .

Without a variator mod, the motor would be spinning at:

5892 RPM at 30 MPH;

6875 RPM at 35 MPH; and

7857 RPM at 40 MPH.

The variator mod would change the final gearing, so these numbers would not apply.

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ah. got it. numbers boggle me, i think i have some sort of math dyslexia.

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