Reed Valve for Puch 2 bolt intake


I hear reed valves give great power. I've got a Puch e50 with an airsal 70cc kit right now. I want a reedvalve without buying a new kit and I dont want to cut up my case. Its got a 2 bolt pattern for the intake and not much space around it to work with. I've drawn up a plan(attached above) to attach a 4 bolt pattern reedvalve kit to the 2 bolt intake and want to hear what you think,suggestions..etc. I dont know to much about reedvalves so let me know...for all i know this could be totally pointless.


Re: Reed Valve for Puch 2 bolt intake

lee's anus is leefungchowOG /

that intake is a little small to bother will all this. i wouldn't do it.

there is nothing wrong with a little piston-port action. i would focus my efforts on porting and tuning.

Nevertheless, It is not pointless. if you have access to a machine shop, do it. try it. see what happens and tell us.

Re: Reed Valve for Puch 2 bolt intake

I have done this. I didhave some tuning issues and the cyl is presently on the shelf but I am going to give it another whirl. I can say that reed valves of 50cc need a tight stuffed case to get good suction on those reeds. I would guess that Boysen reeds would help with your project. Both reed and port valving have their merits as lee points out above.

Reed Valve for Puch 2 bolt intake

get a tomos intake & reed valves & make a place to attach to your current intake that the reed valves will bolt too.

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