Puch Maxi Airsal 70cc (2nd time around)

Ok... about 4 weeks ago...I installed a 70cc airsal kit on my Puch maxi. 15mm Bing. B6hs plug. intake. homoet 6p pipe. 15mm intake. 40:1 ratio. 84 main jet. well....the thing lasted for about 2 days till i blew the cylinder/piston. i seized it. so...this is my second time around and I hope i made the right adjustments this time. I now have a 94 main jet. high compression head. and i ran 30:1. I just got back from a 2 hour drive. the maiden voyage. Everything seems to be running fine. I only had it full throttle once for maybe a block. My only concern. This cylinder seems to be 'rattling'. I recall the last one doing this. I'm just wondering if anyone else with an airsal 70cc kit experiences this? It's just quit a bit noisier than stock and rattles. She seems to top out around 40ish...maybe 45? but has great torque.

Re: Puch Maxi Airsal 70cc (2nd time around)

Pablo Puchasso /

dunno about the Airsal kits but the TCCD's sound like they are rattling even when installed properly.

Re: Puch Maxi Airsal 70cc (2nd time around)

Yeah, I did read on the cylinders page on wiki that the airsal's negative point is that it does rattle. I may just be overly cautious because I already toasted one kit.

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