Interesting new Minarelli exhaust - Proma Circuit

I finally got my hands on a Minarelli performance exhaust, ordered this from Italy before those Mambas came back in stock on the Buy/Sell forum.

I was kinda shocked at how SMALL it is. You guys think I might get better performance with a Mamba or a modded Estoril? I mean I definately noticed a difference from the stock exhaust (rejetted to 59, from 56 previously and 52 before upgrading the carb). I still need to do port matching. This seems more exotic than those other options but I didn't get quite the performance kick I expected (though its my first time upgrading an exhaust so what do I know).

Re: Interesting new Minarelli exhaust - Proma Circ

maria from tbs just got her hands on a garelli pipe that looks very similar to that guy. i think it gave her a nice little boost on her stock setup, but i'd have to say an estoril, mamba, or best of all, the leo vince circuit for puch would give better performance.

nice work finding an easy bolt-on minarelli pipe though. if you ever want to get a better pipe someone will for sure want to snatch that thing from you.

Re: Interesting new Minarelli exhaust - Proma Circ

i had that pipe for a honda hobbit. SUCK.

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