sound familiar?

i recently got a pinto running and it went pretty slow, around 24 mph. so, i put a proma gp on it and with no tunning, it now does around 30ish. i'm trying to tune it, but now i've noticed these weird issues. like it runs really high at idle, even after adjustments, but when i push the bike forward, it will sputter and stop. or if i'm at a stop light, it will try to lunge forward unless i hold onto the break. also, it is really hard to roll forward and backward when the engine is off. it's almost like the breaks are stuck, but that's not the case. if i push it hard and fast enough, it will put-put like it wants to start. any ideas where to go from here? thanks!

Re: sound familiar?

idle high is probably because you did not upjet and you are running lean, upjet before you seize up. sounds like the starter clutch is stuck on, mine gets stuck sometimes but lets go after i roll it back and forth a few times.

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