FMF Fatty YZ pipe to Yamaha Chappy

Click here: eBay Motors: YZ 80 FMF Fatty Pipe 85 (item 260258824353 end time Jul-14-08 12:04:40 PDT)

I bought this Yamaha YZ FMF pipe. I saw one on a Chappy picture. I don't know how much or little adapting it will take for the LB50.

Has anyone eles on the list used one of these pipes?

If so what did they do for a carb, jet, adapting the pipe etc?

I know the carb on the Chappy will have to be upjetted

or replaced and rejetted.

I see alot of people using Dell Orto's. The moped racing version looks very good. Curious if anyone has experimented

with Yamaha MX or other Dirt bike racing carbs?

The ultimate goal is a fast street bike that can get out ahead of traffic. It is now also one step closer to legal with the replacement head light now arrived.

Adapting MX racing parts looks like an interesting and productive topic. Of course if I had the money I would like to just buy everything new off the shelf.


Re: FMF Fatty YZ pipe to Yamaha Chappy

OOOOOOO post pic.

Re: FMF Fatty YZ pipe to Yamaha Chappy

for less than the price of those YZ pipes, you could get a proper ninja pipe from france, or a custom pipe from jemco

Re: FMF Fatty YZ pipe to Yamaha Chappy

Call Jemco at 713-461-3834 and order your exhaust. For a carb use mikuni vm18...try spudco, or lynnhaddock. That's for new stuff though. Used stuff or even ebay parts are hard to find, especially if you want a carb or racing pipe

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