Puch bogs+stalls when starting from complete stop


I have a 1979 Puch Magnum MKII.


65cc metrakit cylindar/piston

stock 50cc head

dellorto 16.16 sha carb #76 jet pantyhose filter

custom 15mm intake

bullet exhaust

everything else stock

The issue is:

Starts no problem, runs great, plug chop on the dark tan side, idles a little high.

Out and around it is great (hills + flat land), when I come to a complete stop it idles fine but when I give it gas to start going it bogs down and stalls. It start back up just fine, but to get past the stalling I need to keep feathering the gas at the stop (traffic light). Fuel seems to be collecting on the surface of the filter not soaked but 5-10 drops worth which leads me to believe it is running too rich at idle. Is this correct?

I figure the resolve is me needing to adjust the throttle slack and idle setting but I just want to confirm before I stare making these adjustments. If so, any suggestions?

Also I am premixing (removed oil injection system) It is mixed 32:1, I've been breaking in the kit but it seems to broken in now, I'm just running it out to make sure. The next tank will be mixed 40:1


Re: Puch bogs+stalls when starting from complete s

Also it is a za50 engine


Re: Puch bogs+stalls when starting from complete s

your correct adjust the idle and the slack!

Re: Puch bogs+stalls when starting from complete s



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