Finally running!

Well I walked into the garage and saw my Maxi project sitting on the work stand... and I actually worked on it until I had it runnig! This is pretty good when you hit my age.. lol

Gila 80, ceramic coated pidton dome and molly coated skirts with a Dellorto 21 and a 8p.

Runs sweet.. still a lot I want to do.... like finishing my stainless steel intake to replace the rubber one on it now... but all in all I am happy with how it runs and drives


Re: Finally running!

another pic


Re: Finally running!

My other project


Re: Finally running!

omg pinto

i really like that fenderless rear look

Re: Finally running!

Another of the Pinto 2


Re: Finally running!

Doh... wrong one


Re: Finally running!

hey out of curiosity, what swingarms are on the maxi and pinto respectively?

Re: Finally running!

The Maxi has a Magnum arm and the Pinto has a aftermarket arm I got at 1977

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