TopRacing crank?

so lately i've been hearing that the top racing crank needs some kind of special bearings for alignment or something. Well I bought mine like 2-3 years ago for my puch maxi, which I ended up putting a polini kit on. The only thing different from the stock crank i really noticed was that it needed both of the same small sized seals. I put this motor together awhile ago and haven't had it apart since so my memory is fuzzy but I might have had a problem using the right side bearing with the circlip and might have used another standard bearing with no circlip on that side . But anyway I put the engine together and it ran but has had this problem: when I reach a certain speed or rev up to a certain rpm and let off the throttle, the engine will keep reving and after that I can hear some noise coming from what sounds like the magneto side leading me to believe my magneto side crankcase seal has an air leak. So I have a couple of questions. first, does this problem sound like an air leak cause by my engine seals and second, could my crank have fucked up my seal if I used a normal bearing instead of the one with the circlip?

Re: TopRacing crank?


Re: TopRacing crank?

air leak. see if there is any goo behind your stator plate. if yes, then you have a leak. make sure you are not fuel starving and leaning you out, that can cause noises too. the leaner you run, the noisier your engine.

2-3 years??? time to rebuild your engine. new bearings and seals please!

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