za-50 tuning???

hey everybody, I need some help tuning my za-50 clutch . How do I get the gear off so I can get to the clutch .The nut I'm pointing to -- is that threaded or press-fit or left hand threaded? is there two clutches?


Re: za-50 tuning???

that nut is a left hand thread. I would suggest using an pnuematic air gun; impact gun to get it off. Also all the roller bearings you see in their will come out so don't lose any of them. there are two clutches for the two gears but they use only one clutch drum

Btw, do you or anyone you know have spare ZA50 bottom end or just the clutch drum they'd be willing to sell and can you tell me how many gear teeth you have on your clutch drum because mine has 13 teeth but apparently most other engine have clutch drums with more gear teeth

Re: za-50 tuning???

16 is the out side little gear. is it worth tuning it to catch later? will it help top speed a little? do you tune it by tightening the screws like a e-50?

Re: za-50 tuning???

No screws. Springs that wrap around the clutches. You'll see when you get it apart.

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