Magnum top-end advice

I have a 78 Swinger which did have a 65 metra until I broke off an exhaust stud and then fucked up even more by having someone try to drill it out. Anywho, my current setup is a Magnum top-end, a case matched case(for a 65 metra), 16 Sha, Bi-turbo, and 17/41 gearing. My acceleration is great, but my top-end blows. Having touched close to 50mph with the metra I was wondering if widening the transfers on the Magnum top-end would help me push past 33mph! Does that speed sound right for the setup anyway?



Re: Magnum top-end advice

well if u can afford to lose some bottom gear higher.

Re: Magnum top-end advice

are you running an e50 or a za50? i just picked up a magnum with a bolted on metra 65. and a homoet 6p and 21 dellorto, advanced timing... gearing 18/36 no porting no case matching just bolted on.. breaking it and running it real fat... hit 54 last night... gps'd it..

Re: Magnum top-end advice

magnum cylinders work awesome if you add one or two more base gaskets, and run a crazy high comp. head, no head gaskets, so maybe mill a stock one for hi compression if you can.

yeah. ive got a intake/exhaust ported one.


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