qt50 compression

What is the easiest way to shave the head on my qt. I'm just looking for some more compression out of the little guy. I was wondering if i took some 400 grit wet sand paper on a flat surface then I could run the head over it like a figure 8. Thats the only thing I can come up with without sending it to a machine shop. Or is there another head thats a direct bolt on that would give me the compression I'm looking for?

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i would not use sand paper i would suggest a milling machine. it can be done with sand paper, just run a gasket on it cuz it won't be perfectly flat at the microscopic level. have fun tell us if it works also remember u can't easily add materiel and it might mess up your squish band idk about the last statement just a random guess

Re: qt50 compression

what's the squish band? I will definatly let you know how it works. I got the idea from the original shop manual. It says that if the head is slightly warped you can use the sand paper 600 or 400 grit. So I thought to shave it I could use baby steps and go with the sand paper. Thanks for the advice.

Re: qt50 compression


Have you done anything to the engine? IE 60cc cylinder? Or have you done all the mods, and still want more gains?

Re: qt50 compression

nope, still stock. I'm looking for an exaust. I just gutted mine which helped but still not enough. K&N filter and boyesen reeds. I want to go 60 kit, but cant find anything for a good price.

I would also like to keep it pretty stock, but I want to try to hit 40 without a kit. I know that would be tough but I know It has more without a kit. So that's were the more compression came from. Im hitting 33 on flat. I'm also looking for pw50 gears if anyone knows where I can find some. I keep checking ebay but no luck so far.

My buddy has a 1980 express nc50 that will hit 34 on flat. and all he did was put a spree head on and we made a custom shorty out of a jackster exaust. he was only doing 25 before. So pretty much I'm competing with him.

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