Polini Kit

Philip Ataya /

Myself and Donp (mostly Donp) have restored my 1980 Motobecane Sebring to "new" condition. It's taken over 2 years and it has practically everything stripped of the bike, painted from the frame to all the parts, and well tuned.

We are looking for a Polini Big Bore Kit to test out on another motor we have for this bike.

Anyone know where to source one of these kits?

If not, any big bore kits available for this motor?


Re: Polini Kit

Is it the Minarelli Engine, or the Franco Morini?

Re: Polini Kit

Re: Polini Kit

þλ†Я¡¢k §¡§ΩИ /

yah 1977 has those M1 kits but you still gotta get a pipe and beef up that reed valve intake+ carb.

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