quick jetting

im getting a 21mm phbg dellorto and i dont really have a ton of cash leftover from all the other parts im getting. so heres my question.

is there anyway to determine what size jet you need without buying a ton of jets and wasting money

Re: quick jetting

btw im getting 70cc airsal technigas next high flow filter and the 21mm deloroto

Re: quick jetting

You can only approximate. Jets are cheap, kits are expensive. Why risk blowing up you kit over 25 bucks (You can get 10 jets from treathq for about 25 shipped). Check out what other people are running:


Then buy a range of 20 sizes in even numbers (70, 72, 74...90).

Re: quick jetting

I have some small drill bits and I solder and drill them. Pretty cheap, but the bits are expensive if you have to buy them - I have a fried that works in a machine shop and got them for free. Dellorto jets are measured in mm, 75 jet = 0.75 mm

Re: quick jetting

i wish there was an adjustable jet, even if it was more expensive i would buy it

Re: quick jetting

Brian....are you sure of this fact? Because if so I am definitely going out tomorrow and getting a set if it correlates like that.

Re: quick jetting

Andy, that is a fact. a 100 dellorto jet has a 1mm wide opening. a 50 is .5mm

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