Caddy Motobecane LUGGING & LEAKING GAS

I am having a gas issue with my 1974 caddy motobecane...gas is pouring out of somewhere when I push down the gas button to turn on the gas. Also, when I do get it started, it is she really wants to go, but just putt-putts along until it 2 minutes or so! Not sure what is going on, but if any handy person is out there who might help, that would be sweeeet-as!

Thanks ahead of time for your posts!!!

*Tammy (Pedchick)

Re: Caddy Motobecane LUGGING & LEAKING GAS

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

Clean your carb. You are leaking because a) you gasket is shot or b) the carb top was not put on correctly or c) float was installed upside down. It could be running funny because the carb is dirty as well.

Re: Caddy Motobecane LUGGING & LEAKING GAS

the carbs in those things are pretty much crap and unfortunately there isnt really a replacement that will fit it. it has that weird thing where the intake and the exhaust are right next to each other. what the hell is that all about?

also, the petcocks tend to go bad. is it pouring out of the carb? or the petcock (gas button thingy)?

Re: Caddy Motobecane LUGGING & LEAKING GAS

Thank you! Now I have to figure out how to get that screw, that is super hard to get to, out!!! It is the one that is hidden in behind the carb, that holds it on, and is near impossible to get to. :( Any suggestions?

Re: Caddy Motobecane LUGGING & LEAKING GAS

it seems to be pouring out of the carb...hard to tell when it seems to be pouring out from all over!

Re: Caddy Motobecane LUGGING & LEAKING GAS

the carb should be held on by a nut and bolt, mine is anyway. you should be able to get a wrench in there. it takes a while since you can only make about an 1/8th of a turn each time, but it will happen. it that doesnt work just take the intake off at the cylinder.

you should be able to find a rubber gasket to fit at an autoparts store or a hardware store. check your float and make sure it isnt stuck or upside down like miker said. that should be it assuming it is your carb and not your petcock.

Re: Caddy Motobecane LUGGING & LEAKING GAS

ditch the Gurtner and get a Dellorto. Done.

Re: Caddy Motobecane LUGGING & LEAKING GAS

Uncle Samson /

serious ^^

Re: Caddy Motobecane LUGGING & LEAKING GAS

spending the money on a dellorto for a cady is pretty pointless. i'm always the first one on the fuck the gurtner train, but in this case you might as well keep it.

Re: Caddy Motobecane LUGGING & LEAKING GAS

"ditch the Gurtner and get a Dellorto" is what Allen @ Work said, but not sure what a Gurtner OR a Dellorto is....????



Re: Caddy Motobecane LUGGING & LEAKING GAS

carbs. gurtner is the stock carb that comes on the mobys. dellorto is an infinitely better carb. but the truth is that the cadys arent really speed demons, i'm sure you could make them awesome, but it might be more work than its worth. honestly, clean the shit out of your carb and make sure the gaskets are all good. if it isnt the carb, get a new petcock.

dont get me wrong, i love my cady. it's fun and cute as hell, but if you are looking for any kind of performance get a 50v and work on that bastard.

Re: Caddy Motobecane LUGGING & LEAKING GAS

There is only one way to fix that fuel overflow and that is to completely disassemble the carb and seal up the needle and seat. Quite often the needle and seat contact surfaces become corroded or fouled by years of build up. You've got to get these surfaces sealing if you want to stop the overflow of gas in you carb. If you don't have clue what to do, here is a step by step.

Disconnect the top cap (where the cables enter the top of the carb) and undo the clamp that holds the carb onto the intake manifold. Disconnect the fuel line at the carb. Remove the carb from the motor.

Your problem is overflowing gas from the float bowl. That is the job of the needle and seat (ie. the pointy end of the pin on the float assembly and the seat within the the inlet cap on the motobecane Gurtner carb). The float mechanism is designed to allow just enough fuel to enter the float bowl and to stop the flow of fuel beyond a specific height. Here is a little tip to get your old carb's float to seat (ie. to shut off the flow of fuel).

When you have your float (with pointy pin) in hand and the corresponding mating seat in the inlet cap, take a little baking powder toothpaste and dip the pointy side of the float pin in the paste. With this light abbrasive on the pin, place the pointy side of the pin in the seat of the inlet cap and twist/spin the pin with your thumb and index finger while applying very slight pressure towards the seat. Do this several times with more paste each time. When you think you've sealed things off, take some spray-type carb cleaner and give the seat a few blasts to clean things out. Reassemble the carb and see if you have it fixed.

Good luck.

Re: Caddy Motobecane LUGGING & LEAKING GAS


all of these cady threads have made me want to ride my cady. you know, throw on some knickerbockers and an old cabbie hat like the 1920's paper boys wore. so i did. i was riding it and really enjoying it. i got about a mile from the house and BAM! seized.

fucking seized!!

thats my life. i havent torn it down yet to see the full extent of the damage, but it doesnt seem good. its hard core frozen. i'm thinking i might have my friend weld me up some engine mounts and i'll throw a av7 on there. make me a variated cady. ugh.

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