vespa grande should i buy it

need advise. currently i have a 77puch maxi witch i am enjo ying. I find it easy to work on and modify with good parts availability. i found a 79 vespa grande moped in a warehouse it hasnt run since 1985 but the bike is complete and has not been molested. problem is i dont know any thig about these bikes or there potential as far as performance. please advise.....

Re: vespa grande should i buy it

there simple motors, kinda a pain to work on. To do any real work you have to pull the motor from the frame all the time. Which is very annoying.

LOTS of performance parts but to get past 40mph you need to either tune the hell out of the case and crank or spend 180 getting new gears.

Iono there ok. I like maxis better easier to work on. Cheaper, easier to make go fast. ETC But if its for cheap get it

Re: vespa grande should i buy it

I like them a lot. You do need to pull the engine out ot work on it, but they are simplish and dont need much, and the engine drops out in 10 minutes if you have to. They can be made fast, my Grande goes 45 without the gearset. I have about $700 in it including the purchase price of $250.

Once youve dropped the engine they are very easy to work on. Very simple design.

Re: vespa grande should i buy it

What are you guys talking about? You can have the motor out and back in in less than 10 minutes.

Grandes are SOLID Mopeds, super easy to work on, and perts are plentifull. They are a great daily driver because they are comfortable and they don't rattle or vibrate. I say get it.

Re: vespa grande should i buy it

Oh yeah, Ty's right, parts are everywhere and not very expensive. They are comfortable, ride very smoothly, and feel somewhere between a moped and a smaller motorcycle. I will probly have mine til Im dead.

Re: vespa grande should i buy it

grande was my first moped. put 2000 miles in 5 months, it's a blast to ride.

plenty of parts (zippy, treatshq, 1977) available, and a pretty good base of reasonably experienced riders in the moped army community.

a search through the postings would be a great guide to fixing and tuning a grande, in my opinion.

i have my grande close to done in terms of tuning and i can hit 45 easily.

Re: vespa grande should i buy it

i have a vespa si that does 54 gps and it didnt take a new gearset it was super reliable without the race engine and is still fairly reliable around town just not on huge rides. Probably the most simple moped engine out there.

Re: vespa grande should i buy it

Holy crap whats your setup, joey?!

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