Shot stock piston/clinder, kit it?

I've been posting here about a strange pinging noise on my Peugeot 103; even though I been all through my bike looking, I couldn't source. Well, I sourced it yesterday, haha.

The sound got worse and worse until I started losing compression, dropped to 24mph max speed, couldn't idle for long, etc. I could hear the scraping and feel the engine pulling. Yikes. Don't know why it happened, mix was good, once I soft-seized on account of an air leak, I think.

Assuming I need a new piston and cylinder, cause it's running like SHIT now, should I just go ahead and kit the bike? It's a Peugeot 103 LS U1 non-variated (with 15/15 dellorto, new reeds,etc.)

thanks dudes!

Re: Shot stock piston/clinder, kit it?

or how bout a new stock piston and cylinder, and have it ported?

Re: Shot stock piston/clinder, kit it?

first i would tear it apart to see what is messed up the

u can A bore it out and get a bigger piston B kit it C if its fine leave it

Re: Shot stock piston/clinder, kit it?

You can't always just bore it out. If it doesn't have a cast iron bore, and has a plated cylinder, you can't overbore without having it re-plated, which is ridiculously expensive.

PLEASE just don't get a kit. Replace it with a stock cylinder. They shouldn't be too hard to find, and if you set it up correctly, it will run forever.

Don't Peugeot's typically have reed valves? It sounds like you may have broken off a metal reed, and have had it flying around in your case, until it wedged itself in there in a nasty way, and now it's fucking up your shit.

BTW, yours is the first un-variated 103 I've ever heard of, but that doesn't mean much.

Re: Shot stock piston/clinder, kit it?

There's a lot of LS's out there (as opposed to LVS's with variators)

I've heard kits open up a whole new and frustrating world of tuning for the novice mopeder.

It's not a reed because I replaced my stock reeds with a reed that has a big square metal piece, it was there even after my soft-seize that started this mess.

I'm going to pull it apart this weekend, I'll let you know what I find. thanks for the help.

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