Hi all! I put on a bi-turbo pipe and a hi- flow filter and up jetted to a 64 and my magnum 2hp 2speed only goes 32 mph . I know it is a heavy bike but i was thinking 35 to 40? The stock gearing is still on there 18-40.

Re: magnum

there are a million other things to consider on an old bike like this. any of the following things could be robbing you of the 3-4mph you feel like you are missing.

loose chain

underinflated tires

dirty points

electrical leak

old spark plug

worn out piston rings

carbonized piston

air leak from cylinder to case

air leak from cylinder to intake manifold

air leak from intake manifold to carb

bad wheel bearings

bad engine bearings

the list goes on and on and on. gotta work through that shit and eliminate possibilities.

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