Getting a better carb on an old express

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Alright, this express is killing me. I hate this thing. Never should have bought it for my girlfriend. Shoulda stuck to Puch... Anyways...

This carb is screwed. Leaks like hell, needs a rebuild, and I don't want to. I'd rather throw a dellorto or a bing on there because I have everything for those, and they make sense.

But this intake is a flange style deal, and neither will work. How have you peoples done it? I know it can be done, but I need guidance. I need an express Yoda.

Re: Getting a better carb on an old express

You could probably make a flange intake that bolts up to the stock one to accept any carb you want. SCI out of Canada has kits for Express carbs but they are spendy. All you need is probably a float needle and a good cleaning. If the tank and petcock are dirty you will trash your carb again so clean those too.

Re: Getting a better carb on an old express

I'm hooking up a Del style carb on my kited express this week, I'll post pics once I get it done.

Basically I'm taking the stock intake and hacking it off at angle, I'm then matching that angel with the right sized pipe for my carb clamp, and then use Quik-steel to mold/seal it all together.

Re: Getting a better carb on an old express

I actually did this a while back on an Urban Express. I made a flat flange with a carb mount for a delorto on it. Worked wonderful and fit very well. Sorry no pics.

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